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Toll Road Episode

Frustration runs deep with hurtful pride, no pity
ready to spring like a cat, aggressive claws, outside
sinking in pain, fresh blood, red with dismay
surpise awakening, sorrowfully mistakening, as the kife goes deep, inside

Next chapter, stage two, realization knockout punch
on the floor, recovering, it wasnít my doing anyway, donít want no more
honor, felt sense-bodywise, thinking-shewise
again the pattern of regret, misplaced, tag your it, victim, man-again

Over and over internal grief, instead of owning it, straight forward
itís a common thing between loved ones too close, unloading an overdose
comes from way back when, resurfaced, onto next of kin and loved ones, with no solace
under guise of taking care of, blame, word game, blank stare-doesnít anybody care

Immobile-mirroring-shed the feelings, unwanted-switch, clock ticking
morning gone by the sea of dispair, cheerfulling regressing
with the payback punch, continuing, au nauseum
siesta time sleep away the day, remembering

This toll road episode (repeat)