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A New Song

Write a new song with new sounds
with new words written down between the lines
itís a new day a new way
so breathe deep slowly the free air

The white on the page
gives space a sense of place
so embrace the moment
no time to waste
except the anticipation
of fears disgrace

Crawl home to the womb
inside the dark
where it all began
in creations early dawn

So itís a new song with new sounds
copied down with invisible ink
the song writes itself
as the muse keeps the pace
so make haste theres time to waste
everything matters theres nothing left
but the human race
no chance of life with no strife

Get ahead of the game
play it straight
from askance witness the chance
to watch the show from above and below
at the same time in a glance
it can all fade away
into the healing light

There notes and rhythms tempo and rhyme
singing and playing the next line
strum away go ahead
let out the feelings into energy, dead ahead