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Jimmy’s Ship

Well, Jimmy’s a sea captain, sails the seas and he’s only 6 years old
man the ship, Noahs Ark, has all them animals comin’ aboard
start the engine, throw off the rope, skip ahoy sir, man the stations
pirate ships, starboard and bow, and the vikings are rowin’ portside, we’re adrift

throttle out, anchor, catch down below, where theres fish, sea urchins and crabs a crawlin’
it’s a sailors lament, island hopping, looking for a small harbor now, set the sails
northern breeze a blowin’, lets dive and swim, then make for the shore in the hot sun
lookin’ for the right spot to hunker down, lunchtime, shade under the trees


Well, its Jimmy’s ship now, all can hear, we sail the seas, we’re young and at ease
adventures our mission and funs our game, any of you want to join us are welcome
so pucker up now and whistle a tune then help us ride the waves home…(whistle/2xa)
C F C G7 C