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I was born in Los Angeles (Hollywood), California on July 11, 1946. My grandparents were from White Russia and the Ukraine on my fathers side and Bavaria, Strassbourg and Chicago on my mothers side. My father, Aaron Mayer Rothenberg, born in Vancouver, Canada, of blessed memory, died at the age of 93. My mother, Jane Alice Miller, born in Chicago, of blessed memory, died at the age of 83. My older brother Robert Harry Rothenberg and his family, live in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California.

From the mid fifties till seventies, I lived in West Los Angeles (Brentwood) and went to Pacific Palisades High School. During the sixties I was a social activist and part of the ‘counter culture’ and majored in Sociology and did graduate work at Cal. State University @ Northridge .(BA Sociology, MA Education, Teaching Credentials).

My doctoral dissertation for my Phd (1987) is called: Transpersonal Aspects of Video in Art and Therapy. It describes the use of video as a therapeutic and creative biofeedback tool which can access transpersonal experiences/states. I finished the doctorate program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now: Sofia University), in Palo Alto, California, having began ITP in 1980. I have been involved in a rather exciting life. I have two sons. Max David, aged 20, studied cello at the conservatory in Vienna and is now in medical school at Medical University Vienna. My wife Susanne, a psychotherapist, born in the Black Forest, Germany, and I, have been married for 23 years and had been living in a nice wooden house in Vienna, Austria, next to the Vienna Woods. Now we are living in a wonderful turn of the century apartment(1897) in Vienna. My other son, Ariel, is 28 and works, studies and lives in Northern California.

I am a native Californian, having been born in Los Angeles (Hollywood), and have lived in various locations in California before living in Austria, such as: Brentwood, Venice Beach, Topanga Canyon, La Honda, Berkeley, then: Toronto, Canada (studied Media Arts with brother of Marsahll Mc Luhan) and Flint, Michigan, (opened Health Food restaurant where I knew Michael Moore). Since living in Austria now for 23 years, I have been challenged by living out of the USA, in a foreign country, which has brought up a lot of issues for me personally, such as; identity, language, culture, customs, Europe, Austria’s role in the Nazi and post World War 2 eras, world geopolitics, etc. It has given me more of a global perspective, especially in viewing America from a more, I would say, 'objective' viewpoint.

In continuing practices of jogging, meditation, spiritual practices and tai chi, for over 30 years+fitness studio. I have also continued with psychotherapy. I have been practicing Mindfulness and especially like the work of Ken Wilber, Paul Brunton, Byron Katie, Krishnamurti (hearing his talks in Ojai,Ca in the seventies), Pir Vilayat (sufism),etc. I have given workshops in Transpersonal Video Feedback(biofeedback) and at Europe Transpersonl Psychology Conferences in Europe. I am also an accomplished photographer and have exhibited some of my photos.

I have released 6 cds of personal songs that I have written, sang and performed on (+ live concerts) The six CD’s are: Foreign Man, Face Your Heart, Letting 8, Circle Around, We Begin Again, Ode to Fallen Trees (on: under don rothenberg). In addition, I have written a Novel: Hollywood to Vienna: A trip and a Half (,, comparing life in California, where I was born, and here in Middle Europe, Vienna, which was the birthplace of psychoanalysis and also is important still today for classical and modern music and high culture. On ( under don rothenberg) are my original interesting video tapes (25) from 70's,80.s,+ ( i.e.:Ginsberg, Beat Poets, Joan Baez,personal tapes, etc)

Years ago I was interviewed on the radio in Vienna about my reaction to the election of the Austrian, Schwarzenegger, as governor of California. Related to my dissertation and professional work, I have been a Native English Speaking Teacher in a special program for the Vienna School District. I have given workshops, talks and seminars at various psychology and cultural conferences. The subjects of these have been involving Transpersonal Psychology and Video and Education. Among the presentations have been; at a Client Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy Conference, The First World Council for Psychotherapy Congress, A Unifying Aspects of Cultures Conference (2 times), a World Congress on Constructivism and Cognitive Therapy Congress, in Sweden, where the Dalai Lama made a presentation, and International Transpersonal Psychology Conferences (Eurotas) in Barcelona, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Milan, etc. I have written several papers and articles as well.

I have been involved with various aspects of the post holocaust generation here and have attended and been directly involved with many aspects of this. I have traveled widely in Europe and North and South and Central America.. I am now 70. Its been a real adventure, so far! Please call and or visit if you are in the area.

Donald Ellis Rothenberg, Ph.D.

1140 Vienna, Austria

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